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Housecleaning &

Maid Service

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Grout Cleaning &

Power Washing

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Windows, Upholstery &

Carpet Cleaning

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    To the Upstairs Maid cleaning service. We are the largest locally owned and operated maid service in Austin, Texas, performing over 20,000 cleanings a year. Upstairs Maid has been satisfying customers since 1986, and we would like.....

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    We are a locally owned and operated cleaning service that is determined that not only to give you have great customer service and a thorough cleaning, but you get real value for your dollar. Upstairs Maid is so sure that you will value......

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    Getting ready to move? Need your house absolutely spotless before putting it on the market?
    The steam vapor cleaner removes all dirt from your grout and refreshes it to its original color.
    Our service includes windows screens, tracks, storm windows, etc.