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These added services will have visitors to your home asking “Did you just buy this home? It looks brand new.”


customer responseThe Upstairs Maid got its start cleaning windows in 1986 when the current owner, cheap Michael Butza, actually cleaned the windows himself. We now offer the same quality of window cleaning we did 20 years ago. Although Michael no longer cleans the windows himself, he is an integral part of training our window cleaners. Our service includes windows only, screens, tracks, storm windows, etc and female viagra online is priced accordingly.


customer responseAs with the female viagra sale windows, Michael steam cleaned carpets 20 years ago. We still clean carpets “the old fashioned way”. We use a Castex steam machine on rollers. We do not use truck mounted steam cleaners. Why is this important to you? We know that we have extracted exactly the same amount of water that we have put in your carpets. It is impossible to tell with a truck mounted system. With all of today’s concerns regarding mold in our homes, you certainly want to be sure that the water has been extracted along with the dirt.


customer responseOur upholstery cleaning is even better than it was 20 years ago because we now use a steam vapor cleaner that uses only electricity and 1.5 quarts of water per hour. It was brought in from Italy and was actually based on the technology in an espresso maker. The process eliminates chemical residues while sanitizing the surface being treated. It is safe for all fabrics and surfaces with the exception of some silks and thin plastics.


customer responseUses the same steam vapor cleaner used on the upholstery.


customer responseThe steam vapor cleaner also removes most difficult spots on carpets, upholstery, benches, stools, etc.


customer responseAgain, the steam vapor cleaner removes all dirt from your grout and refreshes it to its original color. We clean the grout, unlike most of today’s grout restorers who are simply painting the grout to restore the color. This process does not remove the dirt and sanitize the floors for crawling babies and canadian viagra for sale playing Daddies.

As with all of our services, all quotes are given over the phone and all services are provided by an Upstairs Maid employee who is fully trained, insured and professional.

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