No service is serving anybody if they’re unreliable, see and it all starts with accurate scheduling. We work with you to fit into your hectic schedule.

If something comes up and viagra without prescription sale you need to change your appointment with us, viagra just give us 24 hours’ notice. We’ll be happy to accommodate you.

reliableOur cleaning teams arrive on time, in company vehicles, top-quality supplies in hand and ready to go. Over the years, we’ve learned that teams of three are the most effective–quickly in and quickly out for the busy people that are our clients. Each team consists of a supervisor and two partners. The supervisor oversees the partners’ work, as well as doing the dusting and mini-vacuuming. One partner cleans the kitchen and vacuums the carpet; the other cleans the bathrooms and mops. The final result is a beautifully cleaned home.

Our cleaning strategy is also backed up by some of the most complete training in the industry. We have quarterly, full-staff training seminars where our employees discuss solutions for problem areas and the latest procedures and supplies for new products and materials such as Corian® counter tops and Pergo® floors.

This strategy includes two full time trainers, one in-house and one in-the-field. The use of two trainers provides us with the opportunity to train and retrain, as new and improved cleaning procedures and products are introduced to our industry. For example, we have just completed the retraining of all of our cleaning teams in the use of microfiber rags, the same rags utilized by hospitals to maintain a clean and sterile environment.

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